‘Shohojoddha’ a plasma network has been initiated by the ICT division, Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), UNDP, World Innovation Forum, a2i Innovation Lab, and eGeneration to facilitate the collection and distribution of plasma from coronavirus recovered patients. It is a plasma network platform designed with the intent to connect plasma donors and recipients in Bangladesh. Chief guest Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP, State Minister, ICT division; and Special Guest Dr. Md. Aminul Hasan, Director, Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) were present among others in the event chaired by Dr. Md Abdul Mannan, PAA, Project Director (Additional Secretary), a2i. In the event Shameem Ahsan, Group Chairman, eGeneration, presented his keynote presentation on the ‘Shohojoddha’ platform.

Chief Guest Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP, State Minister, ICT division, said, “The government has been taking successful measures to keep our population safe during this global health crisis. The ‘Shohojoddha’ platform is a continuation of all the government efforts to cure people infected by the coronavirus. We want to effectively use the existing infrastructure that promote the public’s health and implement IT infrastructure over the existing system to contribute to improved individual and communal health outcomes concerning coronavirus.”

Special Guest Dr. Md. Aminul Hasan, Director, Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), said, “Coronavirus is a crisis of a completely different magnitude and one that will require a response of unprecedented scale. Platform like ‘Shohojoddha’ is much needed in our country’s current situation. Health sector needs to adopt with digital technologies like this to fight a challenge like COVID-19. We wish this initiative a resounding success.”

Chair of the program Dr. Md Abdul Mannan, Project Director, a2i said, “a2i has been working continuously to collaborate with public and private sector to initiate different project. We hope that platforms like ‘Shohojoddha’ will be integrated into our public health system.”

Anir Chowdhury, policy advisor, a2i said, “The plasma donor does not feel any illness as only plasma or aqueous part of blood is taken from the body of a corona recovered patient in plasma therapy. It is easier to give plasma than to give blood and there is no reason to be afraid. A major silver lining is that most infected people get completely cured from the infection. I would like to request the recovered people to register through the ‘Shohojoddha’ network so that you can contribute to stopping corona.”

Shameem Ahsan, Director, World Innovation Forum and Chairman, eGeneration said, “We are living through an exceptional time, and our greatest strength lies in working together. The transmission of coronavirus has become a major concern for our public health, and we need proper implementation of information technology through collaboration of our government, private sector, and healthcare service providers to keep pace with the ongoing situation. The ‘Shohojoddha’ platform is the manifestation of the ideology to bring about technology innovation to our health sector.”

Faruq Ahmed Jewel, Head of Technology for i-Lab at a2i said, “To solve our national problems innovation lab has been doing research with RND partners and researchers. ‘Shohojoddha’ is one of those initiatives that we are launching. Our belief is that the platform will play a vital part in binding different stakeholders to facilitate the plasma distribution in our country.”

Dhaka Medical College (DMC), Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), United Hospital, Universal Hospital, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), e-Cab, Praava Health, Pulse Health, OIwell, Grey, Ayat Foundation and Bangladesh Super Market Owners’ Association Pathao, Shohoz, BAGDOOM and Chaldal have become partners of this initiative.

In the platform, donors can register to become part of a digital plasma bank in Bangladesh that will serve patients infected by coronavirus. The digital plasma network will enable infected patients to search and collect necessary plasma in case of a doctor prescribes convalescent plasma therapy. The platform is available through www.shohojoddha.com web portal and Facebook page.