Kurt Davis 🇺🇸

Author, "Finding Soul: From Silicon Valley to Africa"

Kurt is a global entrepreneur and a business leader in technology from Silicon Valley and Asia for 20 years. He is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Kakuma Ventures and his expertise is the intersection of finance, business development/partnerships, and international work (Asia, Europe, and Africa), BD specialist, and financier. He was the first business hire at Boku.com and built that operation globally for 7 years. The company (Boku.com) went IPO in London in November 2017. He did over 100 deals with telecom and digital media companies including Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Softbank, Alibaba, Vodafone, and more. He also has 6 years’ experience in venture capital investing.

World exploration and social impact is a passion of his. He has traveled to 80 countries. Most recently, he traveled Africa where he taught at business accelerators, and started a micro-finance non-profit in a refugee camp at Kakuma, Kenya.