Jenni Risku 🇫🇮

Founding Partner, IxSA. Founder, Women in Tech

Jenni is a business kickstarter and entrepreneur with 10+ years of hands-on business development experience across Europe and Asia. Currently she is focused to empower people and companies with technology, and to create opportunities that serve this ecosystem in Asia.

She has led go-to-market teams and business expansions (reporting to C-level or main shareholders) and focused on diversification of existing businesses via partnerships and/or equity investments.

She has worked in various industries from e-commerce/online start-ups, events, cross-border investments between China and Europe (PE, M&A) and China trade (FMCG exports from Europe to China).

Her passion is global business & start-ups. She has lived in five and supported fifteen countries so far, usually as the first person on the ground to get things started.

She believes leadership should mean to lead with a strong vision, context and a sense of impact in order to empower people and teams. She is an impact driven entrepreneur, who focuses on building profitable, “do-good” businesses.